Topic: Teaching, prepared by Kate O’ Brien and Caitlin Dermody

Research & Coursework:

  • Child Development. Carla Horwitz & Nancy Close

  • Language, Literacy and Play. Carla Horwitz & Nancy Close

  • Child Care, Society, & Public Policy. Jessica Sager & Janna Wagner

  • American Education and the Law, William Garfinkel

  • Emotional Intelligence, Marc Brackett

Students: Kate O’ Brien Caitlin Dermody, Michael Glick
Faculty and staff: Carla Horwitz, Nancy Close, Lizzy Carroll, Janna Wagner
Community leaders: Claudia Merson


Clubs, organizations, activities:
  • New Haven REACH
  • PALS
  • Squash Haven
  • Splash and Sprout

Teaching Internships & New Haven Part Time Jobs:
  • Public School Internships (during academic year), Dwight Hall
  • U.S. Grant Summer Program
  • Pathfinder, summer and academic year teaching at Hopkins School with New Haven and Bridgeport middle school students, work alongside teaching mentor. Contact: Errol Saunders (Yale '06)
  • Summer Buds
  • Community Health Educators
  • Pathways to Science - coordinated by the Office of NH & State Affairs, summer work and year programming for NH, West Haven & Orange middle & high school students
  • Pathways to Arts & Humanities - coordinated by the Office of NH & State Affairs, summer work and year programming for NH middle & high school students

Elsewhere in the US
  • Khan Academy - content intern (Veena Advani '18)
  • Outward Bound Internships
    • Takes place across the US (locations in California, Colorado, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Florida, North Carolina, etc…..) from May-August, with the chance to continue working in the fall
    • Opportunity to gain skills in leading outdoor education experiences, some internships work specifically with youth in at-risk communities
    • Compensation is usually basic, but room and board is included in addition to a small stipend
    • WFR certification required to begin employment, but not to apply, good physical fitness is required

  • Center for Talented Youth: Work as a teaching assistant or residential assistant for summer educational programs for gifted and talented middle and high school students
    • Locations across the US, compensation is $2800 for the summer, room and board included for residential sites, flights to domestic sites not included
    • Really interesting and thoughtfully taught courses that you can help to teach!
    • End of June-beginning of August

  • Sanborn Western Camps - Work at an adventure camp in Colorado, leading hikes, excursions, horse riding, etc.
    • $2500 compensation for the summer, plus accommodation
    • Should have completed sophomore year in college

International Summer Teaching

Summer Teaching Fellowships:

Post-Graduate Pathways into Teaching

Here is guidance for all states on what it takes to become certified.

1. Teacher training programs (some recently pursued by Yale graduates in Education Studies)
  • STEP (Stanford Teacher Ed)
  • University of Chicago Urban Education Initiative
  • Teacher's College, Columbia
  • Teaching Fellows at Teacher's College (TF@TC) - 18 month program, free for science, ESL and Special Education teachers
2. Post-grad single-year fellowship opportunities in Teaching
3. Pathways into teaching with alternative certification
Teach for America
4. Private school placement support - Educator's Ally, Carney Sandoe
Yale alums who are happy to help advise on private schools:
Emily Pressman, teacher at St. Andrew's School <>

5. International Teaching