Topic: Social and Emotional Learning, prepared by Caitlin Dermody


  • Emotional Intelligence. Marc Brackett

  • Child Development. Carla Horwitz & Nancy Close


  • Students: Caitlin Dermody

  • Faculty and staff: Carla Horwitz, Nancy Close, Marc Brackett

  • Community Leaders: Marc Brackett

Clubs, organizations, activities:

  • Mind Matters

  • Yale Wellness Project

  • Yale Life Worth Living

Field experience:

  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence


  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (during academic year and Summer)

  • Calvin Hill Daycare (during academic year and Summer)

  • CASEL, Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning


  • Onishi Fellowship (Funds all education internships, including early education)

  • Life Worth Living Fellowship

Post-grad opportunities:

  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence