Education Studies Streams

Education Studies Streams

Arts and education - Dan Rubins, Emma Hathaway (17)
Bilingual Education
Early childhood education - Kate O’Brien (17), Fish Stark (17)
Economics and Education - Karnessia Georgetown (19)
Education and Incarceration - Zelda Roland (GRD 17)
Education and Law
Educational Entrepreneurship - Ana Barros (18)
Education policy - Jasper Tyan (17), Fish Stark (17)
Education technology- Phil Esterman Veena Advani (18)
International Education - Fiona Riebeling (18)
Higher Education
Rural Education - Jared Michaud (19)
Sex Education
Social and Emotional Learning- Caitlin Dermody (18)
Sociology of Education - Lucas Riccardi (17) Caitlin Dermody (18)
Teaching Practice - Kate O’ Brien (17) , Caitlin Dermody (18)

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