Topic: Education Policy, prepared by Jasper Tyan and Fish Stark
Urban and Education Inequality, Gerald Jaynes
Managing Education Reform, Victor de la Paz (*SOM class, needs instructor approval)
American Education and the Law, William Garfinkel
Econometrics & Data Analysis I and II, depends on semester *empirical approaches to policy
Cities, Suburbs and School Choice, Mira Debs
Public Schools & Public Policy, Mira Debs
Child Care, Society, & Public Policy, Jessica Sager & Janna Wagner
Cities: Making Public Choices in New Haven, John DeStefano (overall urban policy course with substantial school reform focus)

Students: Caitlin Dermody, '18, Tran Le '18

Faculty and staff:

Mira Debs, Education Studies
John De Stefano, Political Science
Jenna Wagner & Jessica Sager, All our Kin

Richard Lemons, Center for School Change

Community leaders: Jenna Wagner & Jessica Sager, All our Kin
Richard Lemons, Center for School Change

Clubs, organizations, activities:
Roosevelt Institute has an Education policy center
Yale College Democrats sometimes do projects on college access/in-state tuition for dreamers/juvenile justice in the spring.

Field experience:

Brookings Institution, Washington DC (Caitlin Dermody '18 interned here)
US Education Department
State Education Departments
  • New York State Education Department - Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (students Israel Tovar '17, Jasper Tyan '17 and Tran Le '18 have participated in internships)
City Education Departments
  • DC Public Schools Central Policy Office (Ben Wong '19 interned here)
Century Foundation, New York City (focus on early childhood and school integration)

Class of 1960 John Heinz Government Service Fellowships

Post-grad opportunities: