Topic: Early childhood education / child development, prepared by Kate O’Brien and Fish Stark
  1. Early Childhood Education, Carla Horwitz, Notes: Observation component at Calvin Hill

  2. Child Development, Carla Horwitz & Nancy Close, Notes: Observation component at Calvin Hill

  3. Language, Literacy, & Play, Carla Horwitz & Nancy Close, Notes: Observation component at Calvin HIll

  4. Clinical Assessment of Young Children, Nancy Close

  5. Child Care, Society, & Public Policy, Janna Wagner & Jessica Sager

  6. Mental Lives of Animals and Babies, Karen Wynn

  7. Developmental Psychology, Frank Weil

  8. Introduction to Cognitive Science, April Ruiz

Students: Caitlin Dermody (19), Diana Woodward (19)
Faculty and staff: Carla Horwitz, Nancy Close, Jessica Sager, Janna Wagner.
Yale Child Study Center. Karen Wynn, Infant Cognition Lab. Walter Gilliam, Chin Reyes at the Edward Zigler Center.

Alumni: Fish Stark, Kate O’Brien, Natalie Rose Schwarz,

Community leaders:

Clubs, organizations, activities:

Field experience:

Term-Time Internships:
PAID: Dwight Hall Early Childhood Education Fellowship, work-study at Calvin Hill
Other organizations: All Our Kin, Connecticut Voices for Children (policy), New Haven Early Childhood Council (policy), New Haven Free Public Library (literacy), New Haven Reads (literacy)

Summer Fellowships:
Courture Fellowship (early-ed focused in odd-numbered years)
Student Contacts: Fish Stark, Cindy Xue, Rachel Han, Analia Del Bosque, Joseph Tomchak, Eva Landsberg, David McCullough, Natalie Rose Schwarz
PPSF Fellowship (Placements with All Our Kin, CT Voices for Children, local day care centers)
Onishi Fellowship (Funds all education internships, including early education.)

Post-grad opportunities:
Calvin Hill Harris Fellowship (teaching early ed, 1 year)
Connecticut Voices for Children Fellowship (policy, 2 years)
All Our Kin (policy, practice, nonprofit admin/development, 1 year)