Topic: Arts and education, prepared by Dan Rubins and Emma Hathaway
Music, Service, and Society (Sebastian Ruth) -- MUSI 478
Elements of Choral Technique (Jeffrey Douma) - MUS 565 [grad class]
Literature for Young People (Michelle Stepto) -- required creative project for young audience (theatre, music, creative writing, art, etc.) -- ENGL 358
Young Adult Dystopian Novel, Eng 356
Students: Anna Sudderth (19) Jared Michaud (19)

Alumni: Dan Rubins (‘16) Emma Hathaway (‘17), Jane Strauch (‘17), Julia Carnes (‘17), Alison Levosky (‘17)

Faculty and staff: Jill Richards (English) Jill Campbell (English), Michael Yaffe, Sebastian Ruth, Jeffrey Douma (Music),

Community leaders: Rubén Rodriguez, Stephanie Tubiolo, Rachel Glodo

Clubs, organizations, activities:
Hear Your Song
Instrumental Connection
Yale Children’s Theater
Music in Schools Initiative
City Step

Field experience:

  • The Center for Arts Education (NYC)
  • Morse Summer Music Academy
Volunteer Opportunities:
  1. Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP): This is an organization that offers incredible arts program for students throughout the US and internationally: visual art, music, dance, and theater. They also
  1. Marshall Bartholomew Summer Arts Fellowship
  2. Field Experience Fellowship (Education Studies) -- for Ed Studies Scholars, can be used for an unpaid internship in arts education
Craft Your Own
Below are resources that are not specifically related to Arts Education but provide opportunities to bring your particular arts interests into school programs:
Contact the Public School Interns Program -- each Public School Intern is the liaison to a New Haven Public School and may be able to match you with an appropriate way to bring your arts interest into a school (especially the Co-Op High School Arts & Humanities Afterschool Program)
US Grant